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Northeastern Endodontic Specialists


General Information


Typically endodontic treatment varies in cost from $810. to $1500. dollars.  We have several options for payment. 

 *We offer a 5% discount on treatment fee when paid in full on day of service by cash or check.   We will still submit to your insurance claim and have them pay you directly.

 *Our office accepts credit cards (Visa, MC, and Discover) along with cash and checks.

 *We also accept Care Credit.  This is an outside credit source for dental expenses.  If you are an existing Care Credit customer it's as simple as bringing your card with you.  If this is an option you are interested in please ask Linda or Michelle for help.  They would be happy to assist you in how to go about the application process or answering any questions you may have.  Care Credit is a great option, we offer the 12 months "no interest" options in our office.

For more information on Care Credit, see their website:


Office Financial Policy

  If we only provide Endodontic Evaluation (Limited Evaluation, Consultation):

      This consists of an examination and testing, discussing the likelihood of maintaining the tooth and treatment options available to you. Payment is due at the time of service. Insurance does not always pay for consultations, so we can submit charges and have the insurance company reimburse you.
If we provide Treatment:
   Those without dental insurance: Payment is due at time of service. There is a 5% discount for paying in full on day of service by cash or check.  Discount does not apply to credit cards or Care Credit. If you wish to use a financing option we do accept Care Credit in our office. 
   Those with dental insuranceAll copays and deductibles are due at time of service. We will verify your insurance coverage (usually between 50 and 80%) and estimate your portion; this copay is required at time of service. We will then bill your insurance for you. Please keep in mind however; insurance companies routinely indicate that coverage verification is not an exact guarantee of payment. You also have the option of paying for the treatment in full and receiving a 5% discount and having your insurance company reimburse you directly, we will do the insurance submission for you.
* If your insurance pays more than the estimated amount, a refund check from this office will be mailed within 1 week from the date payment is received in this office. We usually mail out reimbursements daily.
* If your insurance pays less than the estimated amount, you will receive a statement from this office. Payment is due in full within 15 days of statement date.  We usually do not send monthly statements so prompt attention is greatly appreciated!
 NOTE: If your insurance company does not reimburse us after 2 submissions, you will be responsible for the remainder of the balance since we were unable to collect from them.
If our office has to send more than one bill, you will be charged a monthly billing fee until balance is paid in full.